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Subject 2017 tour seminars in Russian Far East and Siberia
Country English Registered data 06/12/2017 Read 2929



Successful completion of 2017 tour seminars in Russian Far East and Siberia
High level technique has been handed down in Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, and irquchuqu !



In Russia, a country of a vast territory, tour seminars to introduce the excellence of Dentium products have been held. Especially in these seminars which were held in Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, and irquchuqu located in far eastern Siberia, users showed great satisfaction for the fact that they have acquired Dentium's top notch techniques.

In the seminar which was held from May 20th(Sat.) through 23rd(Tue.),  Dr. Seongmin Chung, an owner of Well Dental Clinic and Dr. Krill Chudinov (, a local KOL in Russia, gave lectures directly. Expectations on the far eastern Siberian market with unlimited potential and affections for the local users were expressed freely.

In Dr. Jeong's lecture which was presented in the first half, simple implantation using surgical guide and Overcoming Hard and Complete Case was mainly discussed. By showing the case where guide kit(Full and Simple), a new product line by Dentium, was utilized, the users' interest on the product increased. And, explanations on the techniques such as sinus elevation, soft tissue management etc. which were rather unfamiliar to the majority of the local users were added. This also increased confidence and trust.

Dr. Krill Chudinov who proceeded in the latter half showed an appropriate case for applying the product upon which the characteristic of Russian market was reflected and shared common cases in Russian patient where implantation was done after overcoming periodontal disease. These induced a great response.

In current Russian market, interest on Dentium product is very high. Actually, Superline, Implantium, Collagen membrane etc. are top ranked in market share.
 Moreover, users were greatly satisfied with the fact that they could directly listen, through this tour seminar, to the lecture by the founder who has been continuously in clinical field.

According to the persons concerned, Dentium is the one that holds plenty of users amongst Korean products in Russian market. It has been known that they have been taking the lead in introducing the best product by constructing business network not only in Moscow area but also in small towns in order to solve various demands of customers.


Dentium is planning on a tour seminar not only to Russia but to various countries as well. For more details, check out Dentium website (