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Subject Lijiang, Bone & Digital Transformation
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Start-up of targeting 2018 Global Market

On the last January 13th, Dentium held ‘2018 DENTIUM WORLD FOURM IN LIJIANG’ in LiJiang Unmansung China under the theme ‘BONE & Digital Transformation’. Approximately 500 dentists from China/South East Asia participated, and it thus became a meaningful occasion with sharing of new knowledge.


In the forum which started with the opening speech of Prof.ZhouLei of Oral Hospital in Guangdong province in China, clinical technology using RS kit with the title ‘Ridge splitting technique ‘ by Prof. LiDeHua(Sagoon Medical College) from China as a solution for narrow ridge was shared. Subsequently, Prof. Hyunyi Kim(Seoul National University) from Korea raised understanding of bone products by introducing development and special merits of synthetic bone by utilizing articles under the theme ‘Synthetic Bones from Laboratory to Dental Applications’.  Dr. Sungmin Jung(Well Dental Clinic)  received an explosion of interest by lecturing the current situation and the latest trend of dental digital transformation under the theme ‘Synthetic Bones from Laboratory to Dental Applications’.


In succession, Prof.TangChunBo(Gangsosung Oral Hospita)l in China suggested treatment guide for various edentulous patients in China under the theme ‘Different designs for permanent restorations in edentulous patients’. Prof. Suphachai Suphangul (Mahidol University) from Thailand gave a lecture on treatment planning considering esthetics from a viewpoint of surgery/prosthesis of immediate implant under the theme ‘Immediate implant placement and provisional in esthetic zone: Integrated biology and digital for optimum esthetic outcome’. Lastly, Prof. Sungtae Kim(Seoul National University) showed soft tissue management method for esthetics of anterior teeth under the theme ‘Esthetic enhancement with soft tissue management of anterior implant’.


Also, in the exhibition booth outside the lecture room, hands-on opportunity where digital guide, bone graft material, and digital dentistry solution could be directly experienced was provided, and it was a good opportunity to advertise and make known the technical strength of Dentium and the excellence of Korean Implants.


Through 2018 LiJiang Forum, Dentium solidified its position as a total solution provider ranging from implant, bone graft material, and digital dentistry equipment, targeting Great China region and South East Asia. Authorities said that on this upcoming Seoul World Symposium which will be held in May 2018, higher expectation will be felt by more various new products and academic relay.





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