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Subject Gains popularity in KAOMI Academic Conference
Country English Registered data 03/19/2018 Read 3394

Dentium gains popularity in KAOMI Academic Conference 
Dentiim Digital Dentistry!

Dentium participated in "The 25th KAOMI Comprehensive Global Spring Convention iAO2018" of Korean Oromaxillofacial Implant Conference(President Hwanho Lee, referred as KAOMI below from here) held in the K-hotel Seoul for 2 days from last 10th to 11th. 
Through this iAO2018, Dentium introduced digital dentistry line up, starting with Rainbow CT and gained an explosive reaction. In this exhibition, a keen interest on Rainbow CT was shown in particular. Rainbow CT has 6 × 18 cm wide FOV and provides a clear image ranging from upper and lower jaw to TMJ area including posterior teeth, and the 'Switching function' makes taking sinus area easy and accurate as well. In the booth, CT program was demonstrated and a professional consulting was preceeded, and it satisfied the visitors greatly. Also, opportunity for direct experiencing the main products such as Super Line, guide system, and bone graft materials, and it turned out to be a good opportunity to introduce technical skills and excellence of Dentium extensively. On the 11th, the 2nd day, the lecture on "Dentium Digital Transformation" was led mainly by Dr. Hoonjae Lee (Idaduem Dental Clinic). By explaining the excellence of digital dentistry focusing on CAD/CAM device along with various cases, a huge positive respond was gained by domestic and foreign dentists. Authorities said that Dentium, through participating in this conference, solidified its position as a total solution provider, and the upcoming '2018 Dentium World Symposium in Seoul' which will be held in grand ballroom COEX on this upcoming May 13th Sunday is highly anticipated.